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Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Sometimes a good night's sleep can be elusive. If you find it hard to get to sleep, wake up in the middle of the night, or just wake up every morning feeling like a zombie hypnosis might be for you.

Hypnosis is all about focusing our attention to bring us into deep states of relaxation. Whether with a therapist, through self-hypnosis, or with a recording you learn how easy it can be to relax your body and mind.

The process begins with a few simple instructions. "Close your eyes. Begin to focus on your breathing. Notice how each breath you exhale makes you feel more and more relaxed..."

You then learn how to send those feelings of relaxation and ease throughout your whole body. Once the body is relaxed, the mind naturally follows. These wonderful feelings of mental relaxation then support even more relaxation in the body. And so it continues, like a cascading waterfall of peace and ease throughout your whole being.

For people who struggle with getting to sleep, this is often just the medicine they need. Racing thoughts and worries naturally dissolved, allowing sleep to come. If you wake up in the middle of the night, you can simply guide yourself through the process again, or replay your recording.

For those of you with other sleep disturbance issues like snoring or sleep apnea, a series of therapeutic sessions with a trained hypnotist along with a program of self-hypnosis can be very effective. In the relaxed state of trance, you are given hypnotic suggestions to remember how good it feels to breath smoothly and easily. You then recognize that you do have control over your breathing process even in the sleep state.

Everyone is different. Some people's sleep issues are resolved after a few sessions. Other's take longer and require more support. In any case, hypnosis is an effective tool for getting the sleep you need.

Here is a basic relaxation induction that you can record for yourself using your laptop or smartphone. Listen to it any time your are having trouble falling asleep or simply want to relax.

(Remember, it does contain hypnotic words and content so only use it when you are in a safe place or ready to go to sleep.)

Hypnosis for Sleep Script

Wherever you are laying down, imagine what it would be like if you could be 5 or 10% more comfortable...and when you are ready....close your eyes....close your eyes and begin to relax...that's right...and as you relax...deeper and deeper with each breath...that's right…simply feel how good it is to give your eye muscles a nice rest...and feel all of the tiny muscles around your eyes becoming very loose and loose and limp and heavy that even if you wanted just couldn't open them….even if you wanted to open your eyes....they just wouldn't open...and give them a test now….try to open your eyes and find that you cannot...the more you try to open your eyes the more relaxed they become...the more you try to open your eyes the more relaxed they become….that's stop trying and allow those wonderful feelings of relaxation to spread up from your eyes over your forehead...the muscles in your forehead becoming tension and stress melt away…

...and now allow that wonderful feeling of relaxation to move all around your face...over your cheeks...your jaw...releasing any tension in your jaw that your jaw might even droop a's just so relaxed…

...and now experience relaxation flowing up and over the top of your head...relaxing all of the muscles in your may even feel a slight tingling over the top of your head...and that soothing, tingling sensation begins to cascade down the back of your skull the base of your brain...the sleep center of your brain…

...and feel that relaxation flooding into your brain now...flooding every cell with relaxing, healing energy...and know that your brain is communicating now to every cell in your body...all of these wonderful feelings of relaxation, peace, and ease…

...and feel that relaxing, healing energy flowing down your neck now...into your neck and through your shoulders...releasing and letting go...and warm sensations of relaxation flow into your that your arms feel wonderfully heavy….or light...I don't know which...but you do...and into your wrists….and your hands...all the way out to the tips of your fingers…

and now allow that relaxing energy to flow down your spine...vertebrae by vertebrae...radiating healing, relaxing energy through your chest...your shoulder blades...your back...your lower back….even spreading out into and through your internal organs...permeating your internal organs with restful energy of love and healing…

as this relaxing energy flows now into your hips...filling your pelvic bowl...feel yourself releasing...letting go...

and now feel that relaxation flowing down...down into your legs...through your knees...your calves...your shins...your ankles...your feet...and all the way out to the tips of your toes...

Experience those wonderful feelings of relaxation flowing through your entire body a waterfall of warm peace and ease...flowing...falling...from the top of your head...all the way the tips of your toes...that's right...warm peace and ease....flowing and falling...from the top of your the tips of your toes

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