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"Discover the healing, transformative power of your True Nature!"


Chris Lemig, CHT

I started True Nature Hypnotherapy because I believe you deserve to be the happiest, healthiest person you can be. Using powerful hypnotic techniques, we will aim to discover the root of your problem and create a long-lasting, effective change. No matter what issues you’re facing, I want to help you free yourself from the negative, subconscious blocks that are holding you back.

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"Hypnotherapy allows you to resolve your problems at the deepest levels of your being. By connecting with your True Nature - which is always inherently loving, pure, and good - you will be able to effect positive, lasting change quickly and easily."

Chris Lemig, CHT


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You can change for the better...

Whether you are looking for emotional healing, behavioral change, or personal and spiritual growth, here's how I can help.


Using the natural, relaxed states achieved through hypnosis we will begin your journey of healing. While in hypnotic trance you will be able to safely and lovingly tend to old wounds, hurts, and traumas. By the end of our sessions you will be able to release the past, keeping only the wisdom and learning that still serves you.


By aligning your conscious and subconscious minds with your true needs, we will shift the mental blocks that keep you from being able change. Whether you are looking to quit smoking, lose weight, get past phobias, or find relief from anxiety, hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help.


Your hypnotherapy sessions will always be aimed at lasting change and continued growth. As you move forward you will be able to rely on powerful inner resources that you have discovered during the hypnotic process. These inner resources will help you to tap into the creative power already residing within you, allowing you to realize the life you truly want.

Are You Ready To Change?

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