Invest In Yourself

The most important investment you can make is in yourself. When you are free from unnecessary limitations and suffering, you not only become happier and more joyful but also more able to be of help and benefit to others.

I want to share the story of a recent client. 

This person reached out to me hurting. They had been carrying a heavy burden of shame, low-self esteem, self doubt, fear, and trauma for most of their life. I could see the lines of worry around their eyes, the slumped shoulders, the fidgeting hands; all signs of deep suffering.

But by the end of our very first session this person had already had an experience of their true nature-the unconditional love and healing power of their pure being. In the light of the certainty that they were indisputably worthy and lovable, tears of relief streamed down their face. From then on, the work of releasing and healing old wounds and traumas became that much more magical and powerful.

Hypnotherapy is not merely a curious experience or passing entertainment. The journey you are about to make is one of profound discovery and transformation. That's why I encourage you to view your sessions as an investment that you will continue to reap the rewards from years into the future.

I have set session rates to reflect the value of the work you are about to begin. In order to make these services accessible to as many people as possible, I offer multiple session discounts, flexible payment plans, and a sliding scale.

Schedule your free 20 minute consultation and planning session to learn more. During this time we will also get to know each other and, if we decide that we are a good fit, begin to clarify your goals and create a personalized plan of action.

So get started today making the positive changes you want and deserve!