"From our sessions together, I could tell that Chris has a deep understanding of human nature and truly cares for the well-being of others." ~ Keith, Seattle


"Chris helped me to cut out the chatter of my negative, doubting self-talk. The process really connected me to my higher self, my own inner wisdom and guidance." ~ Amy, Seattle

"I was unsure what to expect from hypnotherapy as my only frame of reference was television and movies. Chris eased my nerves, was very thorough and kind in answering all my questions and making me feel comfortable with the process. He is very open to feedback and a fantastic and compassionate guide through what can be a difficult process but always ends on a pleasant and positive note." ~ Ryan, Seattle

"I had a session with Chris for 'screen addiction'. I was spending too much time on my phone and doing nothing productive. He used his knowledge and techniques to help me reach a state of relaxation where I could then find useful resources to help me solve my problem. I'm now finding myself being less inclined to use my phone compulsively. I highly recommend Chris as a hypnotherapist."  ~ Julien, Viet Nam

Rock in Sand

"I’ve always had a problem with procrastination and self confidence. Hypnotherapy with Chris has turned all of that around. And if there’s a point where I feel as though I’m returning to old behaviors, Chris has taught me practical tools to help me get back on track." ~Treva, Seattle