Hypnosis for Spiritual Growth

What Is Spiritual Hypnosis?

Buddha Statue

Spiritual hypnosis, or transpersonal hypnotherapy, goes beyond the boundaries of normal, everyday consciousness. It recognizes that you are far more than the sum of your parts.

By honoring all aspects of yourself-Body, Mind, and Spirit-you will be able to go much deeper into the issues that you truly want to change. 

In your sessions, you will be connected with the inner resources of your own loving intelligence and compassionate wisdom that will support you in creating the powerful, transformational changes you want in your life.

Your Journey Begins Here...

I spent the last decade and a half exploring the richness of the spiritual life. For some of that time, I lived in India and Nepal as a Buddhist monk and sat at the feet of many recognized spiritual masters. 


What they all told me was this:


We are spiritual beings. We just don't always know it.


Through the process of hypnosis I want to guide you to an experience of your true nature, that deeper, wiser part of your being that is always pure, loving, whole, and complete.


Along your journey you will discover that all of your hurts, fears, and confusion are not what you thought they were. They are like waves on the ocean that rise and fall.


And by connecting with the inexhaustible wellspring of loving, healing energy that resides within you, you will learn to ride out any storm.

Meditating on the Beach

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Transpersonal Mind Model.png

A Transpersonal Model of The Mind

Conscious Mind 

The conscious mind is like a focused laser beam. It is also the part of the mind that evaluates, analyzes, and reasons. In hypnosis, we give this part of your mind a rest in order to work more effectively with subconscious elements. 

Subconscious Mind 

Also called the unconscious, this part of your mind is like a hard drive. It contains all of your memories and experiences as well as learned behaviors, habits, and responses.

Superconscious Mind

This is the realm of the Higher Self, the soul, or spirit. When connecting with the Superconscious you can access deep inner wisdom, past life memories, and the essence of your true nature.

Modern Hypnosis and Ancient Spiritual Technologies

From the famous "sleep temples" of the ancient Egyptians to the Vedic traditions of India, hypnotic practices of deep body/mind relaxation and creative visualization have been used by spiritual adepts for at least 5,000 years.

Relying on the same principles and techniques, transpersonal hypnotherapy will help you:

  • Connect with your Higher Self

  • Meet your True Inner Guides

  • Recall past lives

  • Initiate psychological and spiritual healing at the deepest levels of your being

  • Release painful emotions and traumas that have kept you feeling "stuck"

  • Experience the loving, healing intelligence and transformative power of your true nature

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