Have you ever watched a movie or TV show where the female character gives birth happily and blissfully...without issuing bloodcurdling screams of pain, agony, and terror? I didn't think so.

Our culture seems sold on the idea that the experience of childbirth must be an excruciating ordeal. All we seem to hear are the stories of how painful, and even life-threatening, the process is. But I wonder, to what degree does all of that contribute to a fearful, self-fulfilling prophecy?

It's a fact that when we're afraid of something we become physically and emotionally tense. Our muscles tighten. Our breathing quickens. Our heart rate increases. In the realm of mind, we lose our presence and composure to the surging emotions of fight or flight. As a result of all that fearful tension our pain becomes magnified. This of course leads to more fear. Which leads to more tension. Which...well, you get the picture.

As any woman who's gone through a pregnancy will tell you, that's not the ideal state to be in when you go into labor. Unfortunately for many, the FTM (Fear, Tension, Pain) vortex seems almost inevitable.

Fortunately today, it doesn't have to be that way.

Hypnobirthing is becoming a more and more popular and proven way for women to give birth safer, easier, healthier, and with less pain than ever before. By using powerful techniques of relaxation and supportive suggestion, women are able to learn how to rely on their bodies' natural capacities for well-being and healing.

In the hypnotic trance state they discover their ability to relax using natural breathing and soothing self-suggestions. They recognize the miracle of their bodies that are already up to the task of easily giving birth. Most importantly, they forge an inner connection with the powerful, goddess-like aspect of their being whose love and strength can and does support them through their entire experience.

With this confidence and trust in their own integrity-coupled with the loving support of partners, family, and medical professionals-women are empowered to transform childbirth into the enjoyable, beautiful experience that it can and should be.

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