"Feel Good" Hypnosis

Join me every Tuesday at 5:00pm PST for a full hour of relaxing, stress-relieving hypnosis.

During this session you will experience:

  • Stress and worry melt away

  • Feelings of restful peace and ease

  • A boost in confidence and good feelings about yourself

  • A deepening connection with your innate wisdom and healing power

Spaces for these sessions fill up fast so reserve your spot today!

Relaxing dip
Pebble Beach

Group Hypnosis

For Smoking

Stop Smoking With A Group Hypnosis Session!

Every Thursday @ 5:30pm PST

Are you or someone you know ready to live healthier, smell better, and feel really, really good about yourself?

During this online group hypnosis session, you will get the same benefits and results as you would if we worked together 1:1.


You will receive the same personalized service including pre-session preparation, strategy planning, and an in-depth hypnosis experience that will quickly and easily allow you to make the changes you want.

All for just $77!

Pebble Beach

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